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Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, Part 1

In this post, I quote George Fox’ explanation of the difference between John’s baptism with water and Christ’s baptism with the holy ghost and fire and how it is Christ’s baptism, not John’s that gathers the seed (i.e. wheat) into God’s garner. Continue reading

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The New Covenant

In Catholic Quakerism, chapter III, The Quaker Conception of Christian Community and Church Order, Lewis Benson stated: Of the two basic presuppositions in Fox’s conception of Christianity we have already dealt with the first, namely, that God, through Christ, shows … Continue reading

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Who Is Your God

What is the operating paradigm of the early Friends? By using many quotes from George Fox and Edward Burrough, I endeavor to show that the foundation they built upon was the inward experience of Jesus teaching them, revealing to them the character and being of God. Continue reading

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Were the Early Friends Preoccupied with Sin?

The Genesis of this post I left a comment on Steven Davison’s blog, to which he responded: You know, the early Friends’ preoccupation—one might say obsessions—with sin and sinfulness just does not work for me. I am not saying that … Continue reading

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Who Is Jesus Christ? and How Does He Save People?

Who is Jesus? and How does He save us? are two critical questions that must be answered if we are to make a real difference in this world. Christendom has a long-standing answer to those questions, but they ignore many aspects of who Jesus is, aspects that play a vital role in real salvation. Continue reading

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The New Church Order

The New Church Order When George Fox emerged on the scene, something new appeared in Christendom. The message Fox was commanded to preach laid an unheard of foundation for one’s life in God. So unheard of that it was often … Continue reading

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Seeing Through New Eyes

Lewis Benson began his 1964 lecture series at Woodbrooke with a lecture on The Place of the Quakers in Christian History. (These five lectures were later published under the title Catholic Quakerism, (Catholic meaning universal).) In this lecture, Benson stated, In order … Continue reading

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