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Something to Say About Something to Say About Silence

I recently stumbled across James Tower’s blog post of 2012 entitled Something to Say About Silence. Since his post and subsequent discussion was several years old, I have decided to make my comments in the form of a series of posts of … Continue reading

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The New Covenant

In Catholic Quakerism, chapter III, The Quaker Conception of Christian Community and Church Order, Lewis Benson stated: Of the two basic presuppositions in Fox’s conception of Christianity we have already dealt with the first, namely, that God, through Christ, shows … Continue reading

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Who Is Jesus Christ? and How Does He Save People?

Who is Jesus? and How does He save us? are two critical questions that must be answered if we are to make a real difference in this world. Christendom has a long-standing answer to those questions, but they ignore many aspects of who Jesus is, aspects that play a vital role in real salvation. Continue reading

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