Epistle 32

To Friends, that their minds go not out from the spirit of God.

Friends, When your minds go forth from the pure spirit of God, and are drawn out from it, there the image of God comes to be lost, in those whose minds go out from the pure, to lust after that which is in the fall, which may appear like truth in the notion; in that nature, out of the truth, lodgeth the enchanter and sorcerer. To speak of truth, when ye are moved, it is a cross to the will; if ye live in the truth which ye speak, ye live in the cross to your own wills. For that which joins with the earthly will, goes out from God, and that which is pure; and so makes a place for the enchanter and sorcerer, and the airy spirit, to lodge in; whereby a grave is made for the just, and the partition wall between God and man standing. Death comes to reign, and the grave hath the victory over such; and in the airy spirit lodgeth the enchanter, which the Lord will rebuke. Dwell in the pure and immortal, and wait upon the living God, to have your hope renewed, and to be renewed again into the image of God, and the image of the devil defaced, and the prince of the air cast out; for he lodgeth in the mind that doth despair, and in that mind that doth presume.

So, dwell in the light, and wait upon God to have the image of God renewed; and all come to witness yourselves to be restored by Christ Jesus into the image of God, and to be made by him like to God, pure, holy, perfect, and righteous. This was witnessed, this is witnessed, and this will be witnessed measurably with thousands, who are growing up out of the fall, and coming up out of the grave. Let not the lust go out to any thing which is mortal, to be servant thereto; but mind the joining to the life. Here ye are kept in the image of God. Not but that ye may use the creatures lawfully, but being kept in the image of God, ye are kept as kings over all the creatures, and over the creation; here ye will see all things, and by whom they stand. To the pure all things are pure, being in the image of God above all the creatures below, not worshipping the host of heaven, nor being in bondage to the creatures, nor minding any thing in comparison of that which is immortal, which joins you unto the Lord; and all that speak here, in that which is immortal, are joining unto the Lord. But that nature keep out, and that judge, which is mortal, which will join to the harlot, the fleshy; from all that there is to be a separation. And here (as ye are brought by the power of God) the gate is seen that stands open; which gate is shut from all mortal eyes. And all the wonderers are here seen, who inquire after new things and novelties; but the ‘wise man satisfies not the fool.’ For that part is above the pure, if it be not kept in the cross; which, not being wrought out, will join to the flesh, and so become one with the harlot. And such join together to put Christ to death afresh.

So, therefore, dwell in that which is pure and eternal, which guides the mind to God; here is perfect peace to those whose minds are stayed upon the Lord: which, if the mind goeth from, there the peace is lost; and there getteth in the light, airy spirit in that nature. And if the mind go back, to fetch up things again, and speak them forth, there will lodge the airy spirit too, though there may be true experiences; and if the life speak them forth, by which they were opened, it keeps down the airy spirit.

Therefore mind the substance, that keeps you in your present conditions, and that which doth disobey or rebel against the word of the Lord, in that nature lodgeth the airy spirit; and that which hearkens to things that are spoken out of the life, without, that lets in the devil. And so, ye come to be possessed with evil thoughts, and doubts, and carnal reasonings, and bondage, and troubles; these things in you will rest, until the life be risen again within, to cast all that forth, which the earthly ear and mind hath let in. Now, if ye hearken diligently, ye will learn your safeguard, and judge forth that which is not pure, which defiles; that the just may have the dominion. And here ye will see, what stains, and what defiles, and the pure eye and ear will be opened to hear God; and the wizzard, and the enchanter, and the sorcerer, and the soothsayer, all that will be kept out and judged. For none of that must live in Israel, where there is to be no transgression. For where they live, truth doth not; and where truth doth live, that doth not, but is all judged out. G. F. (Works of Fox, Vol. VII, pp. 38-39)